How to Stake Cardano with Daedalus Wallet

Cardano is one of the most important coins of the moment, and it is one of the few cryptos that works for you. Thanks to its ADA staking model, you will receive free money directly into your Daedalus wallet without having to do anything!

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

This is due to Cardano’s decentralized logic. Thanks to it, instead of having companies mining cryptocurrencies, there are decentralized pools which contribute to keep the network active.

You can read more about staking by clicking here.

To sum up, if you ‘support’ a pool by staking your ADA with it, you’ll get periodic rewards.

The best part? You can still use your ADA whenever you want, and even ‘un-stake’ it at any moment.

This is where Daedalus comes in. It is the wallet that’ll allow you to stake ADA and start collecting juicy rewards.

Note: Daedalus it’s not your only option to stake your Cardano. You can also use Yoroi Wallet or AdaLite Wallet.

Should I Stake My Cardano (ADA) in Daedalus Wallet?

Daedalus is one of the most famous wallets for Cardano, and one of the safest and more authentic too. It was developed by the Cardano network and it offers high level encryption to their users.

This is super important. Especially keeping in mind that Daedalus is an online wallet that you can access from practically anywhere.

Daedalus is well known also for its ease of use. It offers a frictionless experience, enough intuitive for beginners but also with tools for advanced users.

So, although you have other alternatives, Daedalus is still one of the best wallets in the market to store and stake your Cardano.

We’re talking about a wallet that was made specifically for Cardano (ADA). It is also open source, which gives it extra points.

Is Daedalus Wallet Safe?

Daedalus is one of the safest, if not the safest, wallets available for Cardano (ADA).

It’s not only the high-level encryption, but the fact that Daedalus was made on the same platform as Cardano itself: Haskell.

Haskell is a programming language based on highly complex mathematical patterns, and it has a high fault tolerance degree.

In other words, this means that Daedalus is as safe as the Cardano network itself– possibly one of the strongest networks to this day.

In addition to this, it also provides two different methods to contact customer support: you can either resort to the online resources or get in contact with them on social media.

Get the Daedalus Wallet


Daedalus Wallet Review

Daedalus wallet is an online wallet made exclusively for Cardano (ADA). It comes with the complete history of the Cardano blockchain to ensure maximum fidelity and guarantee trustless operation.

 It takes some time to download Daedalus, especially because it occupies 6GB of space on your computer.

Isn’t it quite big for being a wallet?

Well, yes, but that’s exactly part of its advantages.

You see, because it stores the entire history of Cardano, it can validate all blocks and transactions. And, at the end of the day, this means more security and reliability.

Apart from this, it is extremely easily to set up your Daedalus wallet. It comes ready for you to install it with just one click.

Daedalus also provides complete autonomy, so it will never rely on third-party servers or services. Everything you need is within your computer.

It also allows you to generate a paper wallet so you can store offline your ADA.

Daedalus wallet is currently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Advantages of Staking Cardano in a Pool

Cardano uses ´pools´ to keep the network running at maximum speed. It’s a process smarter than the classical ‘cryptocurrency mining’, and way more effective and scalable.

Another advantage of Cardano pools is that you can use them to have your ADA working for you and making money. This is possible thanks to the ‘proof of stake’ system that the Cardano network uses to validate every transaction.

Thanks to the proof of stake, the network doesn’t need miners spending abysmal amounts of energy to keep it up and make some money. With Cardano, everything is decentralized. That means that, just by staking your ADA in a pool, you’ll be automatically making money— without needing expensive hardware or keeping your device on the entire day.

Quite the opposite. You don’t have to do anything besides staking your Cardano. Just by doing that, you’ll automatically begin to collect rewards!

Staking your Cardanos with LEARN pool, you’ll get: (…)


Can I Un-Stake My ADA?


You can un-stake your ADA at any moment and still collect the money that it made for you.

You Cardano will always be under your direct control — no matter which wallet or pool you resort to.

Quick Guide to Staking Your Cardano (ADA) on Daedalus Wallet

1 — Download and install Daedalus from their official website

2 — Give your wallet a name and create a password:

3 — Click on this logo (Delegation Center):

4 — Click on the STAKE POOLS tab and then write “LEARN” in the search bar:

5 — Once you select the LEARN pool you’ll see this message:

Click on continue and follow the quick steps until the end.

6 — Congratulations! Now you’re staking with LEARN pool and you’ll begin to receive free money every month.