How to Stake Cardano with AdaLite wallet and What You Can Expect

Cardano is one of the most important and promising cryptocurrencies of the moment thanks to its staking logic, with which you can stake ADA with a wallet like AdaLite and get money for free.

This is possible thanks to a system of ‘pools’ that keep the Cardano network running.

With this system, you can ‘support’ certain pools by staking your Cardano with them. In exchange, you get a passive income that will depend on the amount of ADA that you staked.

Cardano is one of the few cryptocurrencies that incorporated a true proof-of-stake mechanism. This doesn’t just make it very innovative, but it sets it up for future success.

No wonder why it’s considered the 4th most important crypto right now.

In this post you’ll learn what are the benefits of staking your Cardano with AdaLite and what you can expect from it.

Should I Stake My Cardano (ADA) With AdaLite?

AdaLite is one of the main wallets used for storing and staking ADA. It’s light, fast, and efficient. It was developed by Vaccumlabs’ developers, who have been supporting Cardano for a long time.

The AdaLite wallet shares many of the advantages of Yoroi, such as its ease of use and its user-friendly interface. It’s overall a good choice if you’re looking for a friendly interface and a lightweight web app that doesn’t need for you to download anything in particular.

However, when you use AdaLite make sure to enter from this website. There are many phishing sites trying to imitate their design to steal info.

Is AdaLite Wallet Safe?

AdaLite is one of most popular wallets available in the market. It always provided safe transactions and a friendly user experience. However, there’s something that you must keep in mind: AdaLite wasn’t developed by the official team of Cardano.

I wasn’t created by the Cardano Foundation, IOHK, or Emurgo. So the people responsible behind Cardano are not responsible for any damage or loss of funds.

But don’t let this alarm you. AdaLite doesn’t keep your keys. Like what happens with Yoroi and Dadelus, these are stored in your device. So, at the end of the day, the security of your cryptocurrencies will be in your hands.

Always remember to double-check crypto websites, beware of scams, and store your private key in a physical format.

Get the ADALite Wallet


Review of AdaLite Wallet

AdaLite, formerly known as CardanoLite, is an online wallet mostly known by its ease of use and speed.

To use AdaLite you don’t need to download or buy anything. You can log in your digital wallet directly from AdaLite’s Official Website.

This makes AdaLite one of the simplest and fastest wallets in the market. It also provides the advantage that you can log in your wallet from practically anywhere — even from devices you’ve never used before, like a friend’s computer.

And all this, again, without downloading anything.

However, this ‘multi-platform’ logic is the very reason why many people don’t like AdaLite.

People are not always comfortable logging in their wallet from a website. That’s why most of the users resort to connecting AdaLite to their hardware wallet for increased security.

What Are Cardano Pools For?

One of the main advantages of Cardano is that it doesn’t need ‘miners’ to keep up the network. Quite the opposite. Cardano uses a proof-of-stake system. Thanks to it, the processes that keep the network running are highly decentralized.

This means that everyone can make money passively with Cardano (ADA) without having to spend money on expensive equipment or keeping their device on all day.

Actually, start to make money with Cardano is extremely easy. It only takes a few minutes, doesn’t involve any kind of risk, and can be done with any amount of Cardano. Just by staking your Cardano (ADA) you’ll be collecting a juicy passive income month after month.

With LEARN pool you’ll make: (…)


Can I Un-Stake My Cardano?

Even when it’s staked, you can still use your Cardano with total freedom.

As mentioned before, staking Cardano doesn’t involve any kind of risk. You DON’T even need to wait for a certain amount of time to take your Cardano back.

You always keep control over the Cardano in your wallet. Even if it is staked, you can still use it to buy things, send it to other wallets, or simply ‘un-stake’ it.

It’s that easy.

How To Stake Cardano With AdaLite wallet?

AdaLite is a web wallet. You can use it simply by entering their official website and logging in/creating a wallet.

Once you’re there, you’ll see this:

From this simple but efficient interface you can buy, send, or sell ADA.

You can also go the STAKING tab and search for the ID of a pool:

You can also start staking Cardano with LEARN Pool and start collecting rewards.

How To Stake ADA With AdaLite From A Hardware Wallet

Staking your Cardano using a hardware wallet is pretty simple with AdaLite. Just follow these steps:

1 — Go to AdaLite’s Official Webpage

2 — Select the option: HARDWARE WALLET

3 — Select your device and follow the specific instructions made for your model of hardware wallet:

4 — Welcome to the dashboard. Now you can click on the STAKING tab and type in the pool’s id.

If you’re interested in making (…), type (ID) in the search bar to join LEARN Pool and start collecting your rewards.